Essence of Beauty LLC, EOB, DBA: Essence of Beauty Beauty Supply Boutique

Essence of Beauty’s journey began 10/24/2016. During that time, we were not patient, and didn’t do thorough research. We established an EIN, formed the LLC, obtained a business license, and also opened tax accounts. Mind you, we had no savings, had not applied for a loan or anything. Eventually, we applied for a line of credit, and was denied. At that time, we became discouraged and placed EOB on the back burner. In 2018, we began to work on our credit, and eventually decided to try again. We found a wonderful group, Black Owned Hair & Beauty Supply Stores International, thanks to New Me Beauty Salon. This group has been a guide for many and very inspirational. We began to work on our business plan, and search for locations. We struggled with the business plan, and was given the run around about the location we had our eyes set on since 2016. We figured that since it was still vacant, that meant that that was our location; however, God said otherwise. 01/25/2019 we were approved for a loan through SOFI, I completed my business plan, and I found a location that will bring more foot traffic than the previous location. We still have a long way to go, but with your love and support, EOB will open in the near future.   God gives only three answers to our prayers: "Yes!", "Not yet", and "I have something better for you". EOB has heard all three, and it is now our time! Love and Blessings!